How billionaire Peter Thiel Built His Billion-Dollar Business

Apr 28, 2022 | Billionaire News

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel’s massive $2.6 billion net fortune reflects his relentless drive to make a difference in the world.

Peter Andreas Thiel is a German-American wealthy entrepreneur, investor, and politician. Thiel has co-founded numerous successful businesses that have improved the world’s economic situation. In 1999, he co-founded the financial technology business ‘PayPal’, gaining tremendous fame and money. His subsequent success in launching other venture capital and big data analysis enterprises boosted his net worth to stratospheric levels.

Peter Thiel’s rise to one of the world’s most prominent self-made billionaires is an inspiring story of dedication. Thiel’s professional life saw him explore a variety of legal prospects before settling on venture capital and the rising internet and ‘dot-com’ era.

Peter Thiel has carved an illustrious legacy in Silicon Valley. But before becoming a self-made billionaire, the German-American entrepreneur would try other jobs.

Thiel began his legal career as a law clerk for Senior United States Circuit Judge James Larry Edmondson of the 11th Circuit.

Sullivan & Cromwell, a renowned American global law firm, hired him as a securities lawyer. Thiel left the established law firm after around seven months.

In 1993, Peter got a position as a currency options derivatives trader at Credit Suisse, and he even wrote speeches for former US Secretary of Education William Bennett.

Peter Thiel’s strong eye for potential and innovative thinking helped him launch his enterprise. It was the burgeoning popularity of the internet and the resulting ‘dot-com boom’ that inspired the fledgling entrepreneur to launch his new venture.

Thiel accumulated $1 million in start-up capital from friends and family to establish his forthcoming venture capital firm ‘Thiel Capital Management.

Peter’s experience as a venture capitalist paved the way for his subsequent startup, Confinity, based on encryption and Peter’s venture finance knowledge.

Peter’s work with Confinity and creative imagination bred a game-changing idea. The fledgling entrepreneur set out to create software that would smooth out the payment process and create a new way of procuring and paying.

Confinity launched PayPal in 1999 to improve consumer ease and payment security.

With the phenomenal success of PayPal, Peter Thiel pioneered a new way to conduct financial transactions quickly and easily. Thiel’s goal encompassed exceptional security and user ease when using his newly built digital wallet.


Thiel capitalized on his newfound entrepreneurship success by launching ‘Clarium Capital Management, a worldwide macro hedge fund. For the public, Thiel’s new firm concentrated on directional and liquid instruments in currencies, equity markets, interest rates, and even commodities.

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