Billionaire Elon Musk thinks hyperloop might help avoid traffic jams

Apr 26, 2022 | Billionaire News

Elon musk

According to billionaire Elon Musk, a new-age method of transportation may assist prevent traffic jams and provide normal transit amid natural calamities like hurricanes. Musk calls it a hyperloop/tunnel. “Tunnels anyone?” Musk said in response to a World of Statistics tweet listing the world’s worst traffic cities.

Musk created The Boring Company in 2016. Early permission for a transit system that will ferry people in Tesla automobiles via a network of tunnels running 1.7 miles under Las Vegas.

Last week, The Boring Company received $675 million in its Series C financing, valuing it at $5.7.

Crider then responded to Elon Musk, stating that Baton Rouge is just an hour away from New Orleans. She said that a hyperloop may assist with storm evacuations.

 Elon Musk quickly retorted that subways are one example of subterranean tunnels that are unaffected by surface weather conditions. “Underground tunnels are impervious to surface weather conditions (subways are an example), thus a storm wouldn’t affect hyperloop.” You wouldn’t know.” Users like Johnna Crider suggested a tunnel/transportation loop from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Musk responded by saying his company, The Boring Company, will build a working hyperloop.

“From a known physics viewpoint, this is the quickest method to move from one city center to another for distances under 2,000 miles,” he said. It is speedier for longer trips.”

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