Warren Buffett and Bill Gates call Chuck Feeney their ‘Hero’ and ‘Role Model’

Oct 1, 2020 | Billionaire News

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates call Chuck Feeney their 'Hero' and 'Role Model'

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are two personalities majority take as models. But who do Warren and Gates take as their model? Whenever they are being asked, there is only one person they refer to as their ‘hero’. That person is Chuck Feeney!

It mostly sounds as though his name is odd, it is by design. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet so much respect this man’s concept and for us to know what caused this, we have to get to know who is Chuck Feeney.

Feeney is a multi-billionaire who gave out all his wealth to charitably causes. Chuck Feeney co-founded a continuous duty-free shop (this are mostly seen in aerodrome).

Chuck Feeney although being a billionaire had a goal to die broke. Chuck Feeney did it all very quietly for decades without anyone knowing, he did this anonymously trying to take away attention from himself.

Chuck Feeney has eventually fulfilled his long-held desire by giving away a total of $8 billion, which was approximately his whole fortune. He is now aged 89 years.

Chuck said to those thinking of being philanthropic while they live that “attempt it, you would enjoy it”. He talked about this during the signing of papers to be used to sort out his Charity Foundation, since it has zero assets.

Another thing that made Bill Gates and Warren Buffet reference and respect Chucks Feeney was what happened on 5th of May 2009, when they both attended a dinner in Rockefeller University, New York.

A dozen billionaires were there like Chuck Feeney, the then-mayor Mike Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, and the host, David Rockefeller.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates joined to denote the Giving Pledge, convincing two hundred and ten other billionaires to pull to share half of their net worth at minimal.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were deeply motivated by Chuck’s Feeney pursuance.

“Chuck Feeney is a noteworthy model,” in an article that has since been reprinted on Bill Gate site. He also said that “the greatest model of giving while living.”

Inline to that same narration, Chuck Feeney, in his youth life lived in Elizabeth, N.J. He also served in the U.S. Air Force in the period of the Korean War. His business life started when he began to sell tax-free alcohol to U.S. sailors stationed in Europe.

He joined certain collaborators and got help for his business in a makeshift way. He used whatever was at hand for his business at scratch, gradually developing it all around the universe. In the year 1988, Chucks Feeney was being referenced as a billionaire, right from that very moment he was already funneling his money secretly into charitable causes.

His anonymous charity got exposed in 1997 when LVMH bought his company.

The meeting held during that dinner lasted for a few hours, and it triggered the seeds for what is believed to be the admiring second enactment in the modernistic chronicle: After having been a behemoth of tech, this is Bill Gates’ turn as a colossus in voluntary promotion of human welfare.

Recently, Warren Buffet used about $37 billion for charity which was from his Berkshire stock, although his net worth is still rated to be over $60 billion.

Chucks Feeney and his wife reportedly live in a middling modest, rented flat located in San Francisco. After he shared most of his fortune to charity, he is said to have an expended net worth of about 2 million U.S. dollars.

Statistics revealed that he held on to about 0.025 per cent of his net worth, just to sustain himself and his adorable wife in their later years. Chucks Feeney has proved through his charity that being remembered while still living and after death is worth more the money possessed.

“Chuck has set a record not only for people of my cadre but also for the upcoming generations”, Buffet once mentioned. This record would be authentic for hundreds of years from now. His extreme riches touched uncountable lives. Warren Buffet said “He is my model; he is Bill Gates’ model. I believe he should be everybody’s hero.”

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